About Me

 My name is Zach, and I am passionate about design. My educational background is in Computer Engineering and Mathematics, but I’m instead living and working as a small business owner, 3d artist, and photographer. So I guess you could say my job title is “creative engineer.”

A few years back, my business partner Casey and I formed Lamplight Media, a web design company that builds high-quality custom websites for businesses, churches, and other organizations. If you are interested in upgrading your organization’s existing website, or are looking to launch for the first time, Lamplight Media can meet your needs with a clean, standards-compliant design and easy-to-use content management system (CMS). Please, drop us a line if we can help.

Thanks for dropping by — and stay tuned as I roll out additional content in the coming weeks!

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Need a new website for your business or organization? Looking for a wedding photographer? Just saying hello? Send me an email and I’ll be in touch soon!